Eco Community

The cutting edge of Eco Residential Design:

  • Caballos de las Estrellas is on the cutting edge of eco residential design by combining private lots, community grounds with amenities, and a commercial and business section in the plan.

  • Caballos de las Estrellas includes over 1000 private acres with miles of trails to ride,​ hike, or bike on. Caballos surrounds another 160 acres of land locked BLM and much of Caballos borders BLM and state land. Our climate is mild, the area has a very low population, clean air, good aquifer, and magnificent natural surroundings. The best and most workable concepts from many sources and philosophies were used to develop the design plan and we continue to refine it. We value personal freedom and creativity while working together as a community. We believe in a life that is well balanced so amenities, events, parties, classes, lectures, and adventures are all part of the design.

Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency:

  • Our goal is working with nature with an emphasis on sustainability and self-sufficiency within the development.  Caballos de las Estrellas is always working toward a harmonious relationship with our environment from providing eco friendly products, to wildlife habitat enhancement, to education and events. 

Animal Friendly:

  • We are an animal friendly equestrian community at a time when many people who live with animals are finding themselves faced with oppressive restrictions and less space designated for large animals every year.  There is no charge for keeping your horses at the equestrian center but you can also keep livestock on your own lot.

Amenities and Events:

  • Life is made of experiences. Caballos de las Estrellas helps make them amazing. Events, parties, classes, lectures, and amenities are all part of the design for a rich full life.

The Mercado:

  • The Mercado commercial and business section was designed to meet many of the community’s needs without requiring the daily use of a car.  You can easily walk, bike, golf cart, or take your buggy to The Mercado.  Space is available for residents who would like to open a business.

Caballos de las Estrellas invites you to build your dreams with us.

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